Sep 24, 2004 - Announcement

Centova Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our suite of new products and services:

  • Centova Messenger, our brand new web-based instant messaging application
  •, the public beta of our free, public web-based instant messaging service
  •, our corporate web site offering Jabber server hosting, Centova Messenger hosting, and other related products and services

Centova Messenger is the successor to WebMessenger, the open-source web-based instant messenger formerly hosted at this web site. Like its predecessor, Centova Messenger was coded entirely in PHP, and requires no browser plug-ins to operate. If you can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Mozilla Firefox, you can use Centova Messenger.

For a free demonstration of Centova Messenger, please sign up for an account with our public chat service at Screenshots and further information are available at our corporate website.

WebMessenger-related Questions
We've assembled a short FAQ for existing WebMessenger users who have questions regarding the future of WebMessenger, migration to Centova Messenger, and licensing inquiries. Click here to read the FAQ.